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Clinton appears to have problems with Pluto and Saturn. Transiting Puto is opposing the ascendant. The 7th house cusp, at Much of it negatively interpreted.

Hillary Clinton: Determining her Birth Time with Vibrational Astrology

The negativity reached a high point at or about January Clinton went on to lose several states. As if on cue, Mr. Clinton, damage having been done, all but disappeared. As if this were not enough, transiting Rx Saturn then took aim at her MC.

Clinton, Hillary

Obama seems to be benefitting from a heavy but positive transit of his 10th house The Sun, Neptune and Uranus in transit have played large, helpful roles in transforming him into a real life Pied Piper some argue snake charmer. On the night of his breakthrough speech in , transiting Uranus was conjunct Natal Chiron in 10, while the Sun transited his third house, containing natal Mercury and Sun. Thus, he is seen as bringing hope and healing to a nation in need of them.

It arrived in the area of 17 degrees for his win in Wyoming. The good news for him? That is where Jupiter will be Many are predicting a Clinton comeback. I have a difficult time seeing this happen.

Stress aspects to the Moon, Venus and MC on April seem to point to a loss, or disappointing results from Pennsylvania. There is a similar theme on the day of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. It gets worse from there. There are tense, behind the scenes issues throughout In the first half of the year, these seem to stem from details, planning and execution issues rooted in her 11th house.

I believe that she will exit unexpectedly Uranus , under advice from family, friends and others on Sunday, July 6, The announcement will follow, that day or the following morning. Pluto is Rx at Where is Saturn? In direct opposition to the Clinton MC at 5 degrees Virgo.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope Mercury

Then it comes down to electability. The question is, are all of those things going to happen? If they do happen, how effective will they be? Just a curious learner, thinking out loud. The results of the Texas contest wont be complete until March 29, If Obama wins last reports had him ahead by double figures , he will collect more delegates and, possibly, popular votes in that state. There is a lot of spin going on on both sides.

History of Hillary Rodham Clinton

This is sometimes fanned by the media, who have an interest in keeping the contest going. Good question! Thanks for such a clear, understandable discussion on this topic. Nice blog. I am a sidereal astrologer. If the time is used then, his marriage to Michelle would not have lasted this long. Otherwise, B. Raman cites that there would have been obstacles in their marriage.

They have been married for 15 yrs. Pluto has returned to retrograde motion. This was when Mr.

As we near the conjunction again, Bill, previously out of the news, has resurfaced. At the same time, Saturn remains in retrograde motion. While holding her own, Mr. What will the shelf life of his problems be? They have been careful not to mention candidates by name. However, with the large leads that Obama has built, this would seem to be the developing, troubled, progressed aspects to the 11th house that I spoke of in another topic.

This planet will bring reward or defeat to an individual.

Astrological Profile of Hillary Rodham Clinton | Exemplore

What mood will he be in? However, this is a reality that all extreme, high profile individuals face, in an unstable world. The second scenario would need to involve a revelation about Obama, on an Earth shattering scale. It will be interesting to look at what Astrology says about the general election, once the Democratic ticket is finally announced.

Neptune/South Node ~ Election Fraud

Hello my friends. Well, I have to admit to an big error. Look at it for yourselves. However, keep an eye on July.

Hillary Clinton (Scorpio)

I feel most comfortable with the 8 am chart. I also spent a few years obsessed with political astrology, after finding a version of the US birth chart that met with the information I gathered from a few admired American History professors and a few online historical society archives, I compared the charts, elections and inaugurations of all the presidents and all the major events in US history. Forgetting all that for a moment, or longer, I have worked with people that have charts very much like the 8 pm scenario — almost identical actually — and they are quite reclusive, and as far from the political stage as one can get.

On the other hand, I have worked with clients that have charts almost identical to this 8 am chart and they express themselves very much like Hillary, very sharp, very much out in, and emotionally, passionately involved in the world, very dedicated to change politically speaking, with their own agenda of course, but their motives are always based in progressive politics this I attribute to the Pisces Moon fourth house.

These charts I am referring all happen to be charts of women and those with the 8 am scenario. The other thing about the 8 am chart is that mercury on the ascendant. What a powerful signature for a woman that clearly expresses the mercury in Scorpio intellectual ability combined with her gift for articulation, and on the ascendant it would also follow that the impulse to speak a little too bluntly at times takes over.

The minute our gift for rhetoric becomes a threat we are labeled cold and ruthless, the myth of the Fall coming back to haunt. So what do we do, we show emotion! We have to. It still gives her the intellectual component, however, it would address the dilemma she deals with…she, like all strong women, must grapple constantly with how their voices are heard.

She probably stuffs a lot more than we know, she would have to in order to have made it this far. That comment was rather tame and ambiguous actually. The two most-often used natal charts for Hillary Clinton are exactly twelve hours apart, 8 in the morning and in the evening. Perhaps this is not such a terrible thing, for it gives us freedom to explore different facets of this complex person. The content for over twenty years has included Vince Forster, Whitewater, Benghazi, those damn emails, and now the Clinton Foundation. Consuming daily doses of negativity toward Hillary Clinton makes it difficult for many to vote for her in in spite of the repellant quality of her main competition.

They see Hillary as the once-high-price lawyer, on the Board of Directors for Walmart, with her close ties to Goldman-Sacks and similar enterprises of poor repute. They see somebody who, on account of a cautious personality or for more cynical reasons, is slow to take on progressive causes e.